Frankenstein Festival, Matlock Bath, 2018

“We left Oxford with regret and proceeded to Matlock, which was our next place of rest. The country in the neighbourhood of this village resembled, to a greater degree, the scenery of Switzerland; but everything is on a lower scale, and the green hills want the crown of distant white Alps which always attend on the piney mountains of my native country.

“We visited the wondrous cave and the little cabinets of natural history, where the curiosities are disposed in the same manner as in the collections at Servox and Chamounix.

“The latter name made me tremble when pronounced by Henry, and I hastened to quit Matlock, with which that terrible scene was thus associated.”

Excerpts from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

In 2018, Professor Andrew Smith helped to organise the Frankenstein Festival at Matlock Bath, which uncovered and celebrated the connections between Matlock Bath – and in particular the Great Masson Cavern – and Victor Frankenstein’s journey across England in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Part of the festival included a short story competition, and a selection of short stories were read in the Masson Cavern where the winners were also announced. You can read more about the festival and Matlock Bath’s Frankenstein connections here.