Candyman FAQ

Candyman and the Whole Damn Swarm is a hybrid conference celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of Candyman (1992). The conference – a collaboration between the Centre for the History of the Gothic at the University of Sheffield, Fear 2000 at Sheffield Hallam University, and the University of California, Riverside – will take place on  Friday 7 – Sunday 9 October 2022. You can view the full CFP here and find out more about the organisers here.

How will this conference take place?

This conference will be an international, hybrid conference – taking place simultaneously in person (in Sheffield, UK across the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University) and online via zoom and other virtual platforms such as YouTube. There will be some in-person events that will only take place in person such as screenings and in person socials which will be specified, but all of the talks, papers, and keynotes will be available virtually online and in person.

We will also try as much as possible to accommodate different time zones although it may not be possible to schedule everything at a reasonable time for everyone. If you are presenting, please let us know what timezone you will be presenting from so that we can make sure you are presenting at a reasonable time, and let us know if you intend to attend the conference in person or online. Attendees will also be able to catch up on papers afterwards. 

Will papers be recorded or live streamed?

Yes: we will be live streaming the conference to make it accessible to everyone attending from around the world. Papers will also be recorded and available to watch afterwards. 

Creative Submissions

As well as traditional academic papers, we also welcome creative submissions to be included as part of an online virtual gallery. This gallery will be launched as part of the conference’s opening session and will be available for free to the public. The online gallery will remain publicly available for viewing after the conference. 

We invite submissions of photographs, drawings, paintings, digital artwork, poetry, and short videos. Unfortunately we will not have the capacity for sculpture but do get in touch if you have a creative piece that you would like to be included that we have not already mentioned. Submissions to be sent as a digital file such as jpeg, png, mp4, word doc, pdf, or as a link to a youtube video to by 8 July 2022. We will let you know if your work has been accepted prior to the conference. 

Who can attend, submit an abstract for the conference, or submit a creative piece for the virtual gallery?

Candyman and the Whole Damn Swarm is an inclusive event and everyone is welcome. Researchers of all levels and fields of study, including undergraduates, early career researchers not currently attached to an institution, independent scholars and members of the public are invited to attend. 

We will be operating a Code of Conduct throughout the event, which will be sent to all attendees before the conference starts. This is to ensure everyone is safe, comfortable, and respected during the conference. You can view the current Code of Conduct used by the Centre for the History of the Gothic here.

Access information (for in person events)

We are currently planning to host the in person events at the University of Sheffield in the Humanities Research Institute on Gell Street and St Georges Church on St George’s Terrace, and also at Sheffield Hallam University in The Void lecture theatre in The Owen Building on Howard Street. The Humanities Research Institute is located a short walk from the University of Sheffield tram stop, and the Void is located a short walk from Sheffield Station which serves both trains and trams. All the locations are wheelchair accessible. If you have any other accessibility needs or requirements, then please let us know so we can ensure you are accommodated. You can email us at We will update this FAQ if there are any venue changes. 

Any other questions?

If you have any other questions feel free to email us at