Below you will find the schedule for Cults, Cthulus, and Klansmen: The (Hi)stories within Lovecraft Country. If you want to attend this half day, online symposium don’t forget to register! Tickets are free and you can register here.

Cults, Cthulus, and Klansmen:

The (Hi)stories within Lovecraft Country 

A Half-day Online Symposium

May 20, 2021, 12.00-18.00 BST



 12.00-12.10 BST | 07.00-07.10 EDT | 04.00-04.10 PDT

‘Watching Lovecraft Country’ Open Discussion

12.10-12.30 BST | 07.10-07.30 EDT | 04.10-04.30 PDT

Panel One: Setting the Stage

12.30-13.45 BST | 7.30-8.35 EDT | 04.30-05.45 PDT

J. Simpson: “Speculative Fiction as Collective Imagination”

Ashley Darrow: “That or Socialism–Take Your Choice: Politics and Legacy in the Per-Lovecraftian Weird”

Alejandro Baptista: “Examining the Changes between Matt Ruff’s Lovecraft Country and Misha Green’s Adaptation for TV”

Shane Miller: “Resolving the Ambiguities of Horror: Codes, Equivalencies and Kairos in Lovecraft Country


13.45-14.00 BST | 8.45-9.00 EDT | 05.45-06.00 PDT

Panel Two: Unspeakable Histories

14.00-15.15 BST | 9.00-10.15 EDT | 06.00-07.15 PDT 

Michael Werning: “The (Ex-)Slave as Agent of Change in Misha Green’s Lovecraft Country”

Chuck Caruso: “The Nineteenth-Century American Literary Roots of Magical White Privilege in HBO’s Lovecraft Country”

Helen Pinsent: “Hard Roads and Dead Ends: Lovecraft Country and the Myth of American Automobility”

Ana Cristina Mendes: ” ‘Preposterous History’, Emmett Til and Lovecraft Country


15.15-15.30 | 10.15-10.30 EDT | 07.15-07.30 PDT

Panel Three: Challenging the Genre

15.30-16.45 BST | 10.30-11.45 EDT | 07.30-08.45 PDT

Ashely Tisdale: “Gothic Entanglements: Disability, Horror, and Mobility in Lovecraft Country

Xavier Aldana Reyes: “The Transformative Body Horror of ‘Strange Case'”

Fredrik Blanc: ” ‘We’ve Done Monstrous Things’: Tentacularity and Becoming-with in Lovecraft Country (2020)”

Lea Anderson: “Name Your Monsters: Topsy, Reimagined in Lovecraft Country


16.45-17.00 BST | 11.45-12.00 EDT | 08.45-09.00PDT

Keynote Panels

17.00-18.00 BST | 12.00-13.00 EDT | 09.00-10.00 PDT

Linda D. Addison:

“Cults & Monsters: How Real Life Horror Inspires Horror Fiction”

Maria Hamilton Abegunde:

 “ ‘Faith Made Flesh’ : Disrupting Death through the Practice of Sankofa”

Kinitra Brooks and John Jennings:

“The Power of Black Horror in Popular Culture: A Conversation between Kinitra Brooks & John Jennings”

Susana Morris:

“The Ethnogothic Imagination in HBO’s Lovecraft Country”