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Welcome to the website of the The Centre for the History of the Gothic. The Centre was inaugurated in June 2014 and brings together colleagues from across the Faculty of Arts and Humanities who have an interest in the historical and national contexts in which the Gothic of the eighteenth century emerges and the influence that it had on the nineteenth century Gothic. Members are also interested in how the Gothic has developed from the eighteenth century to the present day and the various forms (poetic, theatrical, and other media), which it has come to inhabit.

The Centre for the History of the Gothic accommodates the current co-President of the International Gothic Association (IGA) as well as the most recent past co-President of the IGA. Members of the 70MigfyaCkpnIP2c9UZK-4EsPzYyuFye1ExgksCPCR4Centre have internationally recognised reputations in Gothic studies, and have led on public engagement initiatives including working with schools and participating in the BFI sponsored horror season at The Showroom. We will look to develop further forms of engagement in the city of Sheffield and beyond.

We also have a thriving postgraduate community who stage a ‘Gothic Reading Group’ which brings together staff and students of all levels to discuss Gothic texts in an informal setting.

The Centre has a number of key objectives, and to that end we will:

  • support conferences and symposia on the Gothic
  • provide a focus for PhD training in the area of Gothic Studies
  • develop links with outside agencies such as schools, museums, cinemas and art centres

Each year the Centre will focus its activities around a particular theme. The theme for 2014-15 will be ‘Gothic Tours’.


‘Gothic Tours’ will bring together representatives from stately homes and abbeys in the north of England which have played an iconic role in the Gothic tradition. Working with other universities we will help to map a tourist trail of Gothic venues in the region as part of a wider ‘Care for the Future’ project.


Centre Directors:

Dr Andrew Smith
Professor Angela Wright


Contact Information

Email: gothiccentre@sheffield.ac.uk

Twitter: @SheffieldGothic

PGR Blog: http://sheffieldgothicreadinggroup.blogspot.co.uk/

Visit Gothic Staff page for contact details for individual staff members


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